Fly your school colors high with full color polyester flags. As the wind moves your message literally waves hello to passersby. Our dye sublimation print process creates vivid images and colors, and outdoor finishing ensures great long lasting value. Adding flags to your campus can create sponsor placement locations, increase school spirit, publicize conference or association membership, or announce special events or accomplishments.

Flagpole Flags

Raising your colors overhead is the perfect way to get your team, game or school noticed. Campus flagpoles are usually in prime spots to welcome students, alumni, and even opponents, so branding with flags creates an immediate impression. Using your flagpoles in a combination of athletic mascot flags and institution logo flags can add another “higher” level of branding for your school.

Academic / Athletic Achievement Flags

You won, now it’s time to tell everyone. With fabric flags and fabric banners available in virtually any size or shape, we can match your placement area with the perfect project. Create permanent monuments to Hall of Fame members or special achievements, or create a special walkway with brightly colored flags. League or conference championships, athletes of the year, academic team leaders, track and field records, even major event participation can be presented for maximum effect.

Sail Flags

Sail flag kits are available in sizes ranging from 9’-15’, and include sturdy pole hardware guaranteed for durability, heavy duty ground spike and canvas carrying bag. Flag designs can include school colors, mascots, or campus messages, and the wind keeps your flag in constant motion, attracting maximum attention. These sail flags from Displayability are an easy choice for sidelines, field entrances, baseball dugouts, golf tournaments, team photos and more.

Pin Flags

Talk about the center of the action, custom pin flags are literally all a golfer is looking at on approach. Perfect for conference championships, local courses for competitions, or golf team sponsor recognition. Our custom sleeve and grommet design style make installation easy on any pin stick. Dye sublimation creates full color 14”x20” custom pin flags that can display your school, team or event logo on every hole, or we can even place different sponsor logos on each hole. Imagine the recognition you can provide, and the revenue possibilities of selling this most visible space.

Team Flags

Celebrating each score can be a great way to increase team spirit and fun. With these full color polyester flags your players and fans will battle to see who gets to run with your custom team flag. Available in a variety of sizes, and outfitted with all sewn hems and either grommets or pole pocket your flag should last for many seasons to come.

Bookstore Flag Sales Program

School logo flags are a popular way to show campus spirit, on campus and also for home display and alumni use. By adding an assortment of logo flags to your campus bookstore you can meet almost any flag need. Available in garden flag, dorm room, and assorted flagpole sizes, these flags are a natural for increasing revenue.


At Displayability we’d like to be your campus branding flag partner. Adding full color flags to your campus is a great way to build spirit and let everyone know who you are. Our dye sublimation process creates vivid color and sewn finishing creates outstanding durability, so let’s work together to use flags and “raise” your brand.