Media Backdrops

Full color media backdrops are perfect for your big campus photo or television event.  Multiple logos/images in a variety of patterns can be used to publicize your school, conference, or sporting events.  These backdrops are available in vinyl and fabric models, either printed on a reduced-glare matte vinyl that minimizes camera light reflection, or dye sublimated on heavy matte fabric. Either option keeps the primary focus on the speakers or photo subjects while subliminally reinforcing your school logos and message of the day. Paired with a lightweight expandable stand you are ready for your indoor close-up in minutes., or sewn hem and grommet finishing also creates flexibility for outdoor placements too.

Press Conference Backdrops

Pre-game or post-game, your backdrop can be set up and used in minutes for announcements, player updates, game wrap-ups and more. Regardless of the questions or answers your school images and logos will be part of the focus during press events.

Athletic Signing / Awards Backdrops

Adding talented student-athletes to your sports programs is an exciting process, both for the student and your school. Perfect for letter of intent signings, your backdrop can be taken on location and set up in minutes. Photos of these important events can be used as part of your ongoing recruitment process, and family or friends can also take photos as needed. Combined with a custom table throw your school can have a professional signing program. Your backdrop can also be used when one of your students wins an award, accomplishes a goal, or is named to an All-Star team or group.

Trade Show Backdrops

As you attend off-campus events for student recruitment or community awareness, using a custom media backdrop is a fast and easy way to project the best possible image.   Your logos, mascots, or messages are displayed in full color, in sizes from 8’x8’ or larger.

Creating a high visibility logo wall is fast and simple, regardless of location, indoors or out. Let’s work together to add a custom backdrop to your marketing process in 2016 and maximize your campus visibility in all of your photos this year.