Table Coverings

We’ve got you covered when you look to upgrade your campus tabletop marketing. By using heavy polyester fabric and dye sublimation image production we can help you create dramatic colors and images. Using table coverings can create instant school spirit at trade shows, information events, sporting contests and more. Table cover fabric is colorfast and can even be lightly machine washed. Your table cover designs can include provided school logos, art, mascots, and high resolution photos, as needed.

6’ Table Throw

Designed to throw over the front, sides, and about 9” of the back of a six foot table. Having the back side shorter than floor level allows for easy seating or storage at ticket tables or trade fair booths. Designs can include full coverage mascot art, front logo placement or even printed side panels.

8’ Table Throw

If your school uses larger tables these throws drape an eight foot table on the front, sides, and about 9” of the back. Like the 6’ size, having the back side shorter than floor level allows for easy seating or storage. Larger sides can include additional art or images creating an extensive display designed to grab attention.

6’ Table Cover

Designed to cover a six foot table on all four sides to the floor, perfect for free-standing locations or campus bookstore islands. With even more visible sides these covers can include art on all sides for maximum visibility.

8’ Table Cover

Your larger tables can be covered on all sides with this model. Larger designs can include step and repeat mascot logo art, multiple school logo placement or even motivational quote printed side panels.

When you are looking to upgrade your basic white table coverings, and your logo, art or message can be prominently added using a table cover or throw, we’ve truly got you covered.