Our realtor slip signs are perfect for daily use, covering sign stands with boring designs with full color, photo loaded graphics on both sides. Metal inserts can be expensive and hard to change, and plastic inserts can cost almost as much and usually have lines through your images. Let us show you how your custom slip signs can add your photo, company logo, contact information, even home special feature photos for less. Slip signs are weather resistant, durable featuring sewn hems, and are digitally printed for vibrant color. Give us a call at 816.630.5550 or email at and we’ll do a comparison to your current signage costs and show you the increased value these signs provide.

Check out our recent video on this exciting product!

Special Messages

With your usage of signage increasing with your success, keeping the needed inventory of varied messages in inventory can be pretty costly. As soon as one of your listings closes you can modify the existing sign to SOLD showing traffic your success. Hard to move homes might need a message like Price Reduced or Additional Features. Keeping an inventory of special message slip signs is cost effective and creates new views for passersby. Slip signs are easily changed and roll for compact, lightweight storage. Here are just a few available special messages.

SOLD                                              UNDER CONTRACT

Custom messages are also available, so when you get ready to build an inventory of the ones you use most, let’s use slip signs so you always tell your story for less.

Open Houses

Successful realtors know that one of the biggest tools they have for home sales is the Open House. Meeting potential buyers in the home with the opportunity to use your skills to accentuate the positive aspects of the home and calm any potential negatives puts you and your expertise to work. Most realtors place a yard sign that announces their Open House, put out some cookies and fliers and wait for prospects. The system works, anyone on your lists has been invited and people who are looking for a new home and like the look of the home from the street stop by on Open House day. The great part about using an Open House slip sign is that it takes no longer than unloading your contact information from the car to modify the existing sign in the yard. Simple, and you can move on to other details.

Modifiable Open House Option

What if I see your Open House sign, drive by and like the look of the house, but I just mowed, or I can’t find my spouse, or I have plans for the day? With the Modifiable Open House slip sign you can provide advance notice of your event by using changeable decals so propsects can plan ahead to attend.

Let’s say your Open House is on Saturday, October 8th. You install the Modifiable Open House slip sign the week before, and in the special changeable space place a decal with the upcoming Open House date. Everyone passing by now knows that they have a week to prepare and clear their schedules. Advance notice should increase attendance, and once they are they with you your odds increase of a closing. And on Open House day you just can change the decal from the date to TODAY if you want. Reusable decals are inexpensive, especially when you balance them against the value of advance notice.

Let’s work together to maximize your Open House traffic and move some homes. Contact us any time at 816.630.5550 to get started.