Using slip signs to publicize your school events is a cost effective way to increase parent involvement and student spirit. Double sided, full color graphics let everyone know about the latest event or game, and can help move parents, guests and students throughout your campus.

Special Events

The key to maximizing parent and student involvement in your special events is advance notice and repeated messages. Students can plan ahead to attend the book fair, parents to attend teacher meetings, everyone to attend the upcoming carnival or school play. And if you plan a special drug prevention awareness or reading week everyone can get excited about it in advance and during the event. The double sided full color production of our slip signs make them perfect for placement next to driveways, parking lots or streets. School colors and mascot images can be included at no additional cost, and our value pricing allows for multiple placements. Call us at 816.630.5550 or email us at and we can help you tell you event story.

School Spirit

Yay us, boo them! Fire up your home crowd with spirit slip signs filled with school colors, mascot art, and motivational text. Let everyone know when the next game is to be played, or get everyone ready with pep rally notices. And when the opposing teams arrive they can be greeted with home team messages and images so they know it’s going to be a tough game or match. Let’s use your school colors and logos to get started, call 816.630.5550 or email us at any time.


Are your bus lanes cluttered with parents going the wrong way? Are students standing in the wrong area? Use slip signs to move traffic, people and busses in the correct patterns. Clearly mark entrances, exits and restricted parking areas to maximize flow. Slip signs are also perfect for rules placement, special procedure signs or other important information. Call us at 816.630.5550 or email us at to discuss your informational signage needs.